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Preparing your Quilt for the Longarm

Below are recommendations to help you prepare your quilt for its longarm experience. Following these guidelines will prevent unexpected delays and additional cost.

Quilt Top:
  • The quilt top should be square/rectangular (not skewed) with straight edges.
  • Blocks and borders should lie flat, without fullness or ruffling. If the quilt top does not lie flat, unavoidable tucks and puckers can occur during quilting.
  • Press all seams flat. Other than minor creases from folding during transport, the quilt top should be flat and free of wrinkles.
  • Trim any loose threads and make sure all seams are secure.
  • Mark the top edge with a safety pin if it matters to the design of your quilt.
Backing and Batting:
  • Backing fabric and batting must be at least 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 60 x 80, your backing should measure 68 x 88.
  • Backing must be square/rectangular (not skewed) with straight edges.
  • Ideally, backing fabric should be 100% cotton. Non-cotton backings (minky, snuggle, fleece, etc.) can stretch and warp during quilting, causing tucks on the back of the quilt. Additional charges will apply for non-cotton backings.
  • Seams in the backing should run parallel to the top/bottom of the quilt. Puckers can result when seams run in multiple directions.
  • When sewing seams in a backing, remove all selvages, use a wide seam allowance (1/2”), and press the seams open to reduce bulk.
  • If you prefer to provide your own batting, please don’t scrimp on quality. Lower quality batting can be thin and uneven, affecting the appearance of the quilting and the durability and feel of your finished quilt. I reserve the right to refuse poor quality batting.
  • My frame can accommodate quilt tops up to 120” wide. (Length doesn’t matter.)
  • Quilts are typically finished within 6-8 weeks from the date received. If you require a tighter turnaround, RUSH service is available for an additional fee. (Not available October 15 – December 31)
  • If you are dropping off more than one quilt, the second quilt will not be started until the first quilt is paid in full.
  • Due to space limitations and to ensure your quilt is stored in the manner it deserves, I prefer to have no more than 3 quilts per customer on site at a time.

Questions? Email me at heather@indigoquiltstudio or call the shop at (217)732-4112.

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